Monday, October 28, 2013

Things to Consider While Making Food Choices and Working Out

I Don't Have Time 

Many of us as human beings experience "the lazy factor". By this I mean we always have an excuse for why we don't get off the couch to go for a jog, do a quick workout video, or take a trip to the gym. The classic excuse is "I don't have time." Consider what you could be doing during that time you are watching that intriguing episode of Breaking Bad or wasting time on Pinterest. Many times I will do crunches while I'm watching that show or lifting weights. Many people forget about working out because that would mean they have to change their schedules. Think of it this way: working out is not something I force myself to do, it's a part of my lifestyle. Make working out and eating right part of your life style. This will give you better results and will give you fewer chances of becoming discouraged if it takes longer for you to get in the shape you want than others. You'll become more successful physically because the more you work out, the more results you'll see and if you see more results, you will become more passionate about staying fit.

I Promise, You'll Feel Much Better 

Due to the instant coffee, fast food, extra cheese society we live in, many of us don't eat right without giving it a thought. I've been guilty of this myself. For example, I am a coffee addict. I love my Starbucks lattes and espresso, yet I put things in moderation. You cannot eat healthy unless you give yourself a treat every now and then. I've realized that my digestive system is happier and I feel much better if I skip that extra cheese or that desert offered at a party. One of the best pieces of advice I can give someone is to make yourself a goal. For example, I read a lot of the Glamour and Cosmopolitan type of magazines. Looking at them gives me a goal. Also, I've always believed that if I have the ability to make myself look better than I do now, take advantage of it. You will have more confidence in yourself because you pushed yourself to the best of your ability.

Avoid Eating Out as Much as Possible 

I'm going to be honest; I love eating out. I'm one of those people that thinks to themselves when they're sitting at home, "I should go out and do something." Therefore, if I don't go shopping or there is no good movie on at the theater, I go straight to my favorite restaurant. I love Tai food, I love Noodles and Co., and I couldn't live without Red Lobster and my seafood fix. Although, the trouble with this is that you have no idea what you are putting in your mouth. At Red Lobster they give you those wonderful cheddar biscuits. I could honesty eat the entire basket. But here's a fun statistic: there are 290 calories in ONE of those biscuits. Along with your entrée and side salad/soup, I don't think you even want to know what you are putting into your body at it's total, and you never will until going out becomes religious and you look in the mirror a few weeks later. No matter what you make at home, it will always be much healthier than going out because you can control what you put into your dishes and you can control how much you put in your mouth.

Some Personal Tips That I Use 

1. T25
I use T25, a 25 minute workout instructed by personal trainer, Sean T. I love this program because it's intense, you get a tough workout, you have the motivation of a trainer, and it only takes 25 minutes out of your day.

2. Do Crunches to the Beat of Your Favorite Song 
To keep myself from stopping in the middle of my abdominal workouts, I put three of my favorite songs on a playlist and do crunches until all three songs are over. Believe it or not, this will motivate you because you are entertained by the song and you have something that will push you to the end.

3. Blender Bottles 
When you're on-the-go or need something in between meals to satisfy your hunger, blend yourself a fruit smoothie or I personally drink "Power Protein Plus" (it comes in many favorite flavors and is found at any meal replacement franchise or Sam's Club). These are great for your digestive system and will fill you up. Also (fun fact), chocolate milk is great as well because it fills you up and is a great source of calcium. Blender bottles are great for a quick, mess free blend and can be found at almost any department store.

4. 8 Minute Abs 
8 Minute Abs can be found on YouTube and I do it everyday. It's fast, efficient, and shows serious results if you make it religious to everyday life.